Announcement: An Multiplayer Server Tutorial

In the next time i want to create an Tutorial Serie “How to write an multiplayer game server?” to show some users, how they can build / implement their own multiplayer game server.

I will write this articles in english to give also other users from other countries the chance to read this tutorials.

Execuse me, i am from Germany and my english isnt the best!


Which technologies we will use:

  • Netty as very fast networking library
  • Maven or Gradle as Build Tools
  • database, maybe MySQL (for MMOs you should use Hazelcast & Cassandra or others instead)


We will try to write an fast game server with good performance, which can hold many player connections. It isnt the goal of this tutorial to scale the server out, this is only neccessary on MMOs.

I dont know yet, si we will use an client engine like libGDX or only write an sample client application without GUI, because the main task is to explain the server code.

Be surprised!


Whats interesting you about this topics? Write it in the comments! Maybe, i can answer your questions in serie.

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